The Hauntings of Seven Sisters Inn

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Here is the JOURNAL of written personal experiences and observations inspired by an investigation or stay at the Seven Sisters Inn.  Please feel free to use this as your portal for recording thse experiences, using specific locations and descriptors.  

We appreciate your contributions to this living recording of the history of the Florida Empress, Seven Sisters Inn.  

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Children At Play

Posted by Maria Schmidt on March 7, 2014 at 7:10 PM Comments comments (3)

A guest recieved a small reminder of what it is to be with children again, at least in spirit. Although she was a teacher for challenged children in Indiana, her travels through Florida were without the children hoping to take in a beautiful get-away experience at the inn with her husband.

One evening she came out of Mardrid, unto the dining room, asking if any one in our group (there were about six of us) heard her call out for help "at the top of her lungs". We all looked at each other and admitted we heard not a word.. Apparently, while she was in the suite's powder room, one of her luggage pieces rolled in front of it's door, from the outside. It's wheels trapped inside the return air grill on the floor. This prevented her ability to open the door. Her husband, once returning to their room came to her rescue. 

Of course, we were all surprised at the activity when we went to "investigate" the situation. We elliminated any possible reasons for this to happen. The floor is leveled and there was no air draft to pull the luggage about a foot or so to keep the door from opening. When we asked through devine rods who "played" with our guest ... the response was "Daniel", one of our little boy spirits.

The next morning, before her check-out, she went to write an entry into Madrid's Guest Book and found the pen tucked inside. Opening the book she saw found a page with large lettering writing out "Yeah boy". She and her husband swore with all the angels in the sky, that they did not write this. In fact, she also did not know that the spirits do not refer to Daniel by name, but rather by "Little Boy". 

Christmas at the Inn

Posted by Maria Schmidt on January 5, 2013 at 7:10 PM Comments comments (0)

Our first holidays at the inn were very interesting, to say the least.  The activity that surfaced was probably a positive response to OUR energetic activity we engaged at the inn.  We invited 6 organizations to deck our walls and halls.  Lots of passion and good will came through, as each suite and the main gathering rooms were dazzled in holiday merriment.  Then... we opened our doors to the public.  Under the soft glimmer of candlelight, we showcased each room at it's Victorian Holiday Glory.  The spirits enjoyed it!

Casablanca, where the Children of Dunnellon converted this beautiful room to a Children's Christmas Wonderland was the most active. When all the rooms upstairs were vacant, and the last of the decorators were going downstairs, the last decorator, going down the steps, turned and said "Goodnight and we will see you tomorrow."  In response, a small red ornament ball was thrown to the hallway floor, breaking into pieces. The wonder is ... we had NO red glass ball ornaments.  The remaining wire hanger was old and worn. We didn't not have these either. The hallway was not decorated at all, so we suspect it may have come from Casablanca.


A young, very talented medium, spoke with "Daniel" in Casablanca.  (He has been spotted by many clairvoyants that visit the inn) told her to look under the sofa that sits in the 2nd floor hallway.  He had placed an ornament under there.  Sure enough, the white snow flake was found there, right where Daniel stated!  When this conversation was occuring, the swing chair was swaying (on its own) back and forth. The ornaments on the tree made by the children were spinning. No fan or open breezes were blowing into the room. A knock was heard from the suite's bathroom.  

When the children were decorating the room, one child called to Daniel, "Do you like the Christmas decorations in your room?".  The lights of the chandelier winked off and on.  When they said "Goodbye", he did the same. The children were amazed.  

Our lady of the house, departed Emma Rheinauer, spoke to our Medium.  She loved the children visiting her home, and wish we had them over more often. When we asked her how she like Santa's visit, she frowned "I don't believe in him."  Remember, Emma is of Jewish Faith.

Overall, the Inn was incredibly serene and beautiful over the holidays.  We will post pictures in our gallery to showcase the beautiful work our organizations provided.  We also will show the red glass ornament that was contributed by one of the resident children of the inn.  

Wishing you all a magnificent and enchanting 2013!

PCI takes ground with a FULL Investigation on Sat. 10/20...

Posted by Maria Schmidt on October 22, 2012 at 12:30 AM Comments comments (0)

Paranormal Crossroads Investigators held a workshop and full investigation of Seven Sisters Inn on Sat., 10/20th.  We look forwad to some of the reflections, stories and data collected.  

Chip Coffey Investigates the Seven Sisters Inn

Posted by Maria Schmidt on October 13, 2012 at 9:50 PM Comments comments (1)

EVENT PARTICIPANTS!!!!  Please share your personal experience with Chip Coffey's Gallery Reading and, if you were involved, the Investigation of Seven Sisters Inn.  Did you get tuched, did you witness a whisper, a unnatural voice, a shadow?  


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